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By Volume Branding 202 offers more than All 3 of our Favorite Branding Reads Combined.

We absolutely recommend reading all of these. Whether you read these before or after Branding 202, they are great continued Branding Education.

This course contains more tools, more education, and more in depth concepts by comparison.

Disclaimer:  Blue Beak Branding is in no way affiliated with these Authors and we do not own any rights to the material, including the logos, names, covers, and/or copy. This comparison is in no way an attempt to compete. These or recommended for your continued education. 

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Your Are in Good Company

Blue Beak (Blue) is a bespoke brand strategy and design solution based in the midwest. Creating recognizable Identities, with seamless touch points, for memorable long lasting relationships with diverse communities. Blue (not a typo) has impacted 100s of Brands in Diverse Markets, helping Business see as much as $90k in Revenue in a single day. 

Expert Level Training

With Expert Bryan Liggons

Bryan is Serial Freelancer, Branding Wizard, and a “Talented, Strong, Black designer.”- AIGA Louisville. Creative Professional with 2 decades of digital brand design experience and more than three decades of technical fine art expertise, and Super Passionate about Brand Identity!

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